Wrapmaster, The Benefits of PVC Cling Film

Wrapmaster Cling Film and Foil

81% of chefs, caterers and F&B managers think cling film is essential to run their professional kitchen effectively*


Cofresco Food service, brand owner of Wrapmaster®, takes its corporate, social and environmental resposibilities very seriously. Having worked with chefs for over 20 years we recognise that sustainability and waste management are key focus areas for the foodservice industry.

Wrapmaster Cling Film and Foil

The materials used to manufacture our range of PVC films are authorised and listed in EU Regulations 10/2011 concerning plastic materials for food contact and pose no danger to public health or the environment. Migration is at levels considered totally safe and fall we within EU/UK regulations.

Our PVC cling film is specially designed for catering use. It is suitable for all food wrapping except pure fats, oils and food stored in an oily meduim, and can be used in the fridge, freezer and microwave

Cofresco Foodservice and Save on Supplies comply with all relevant EU/UK plastic regulations as well as local legislation. Our products and supply of products are routinely tested to ensure compliance with local and national regulations. We are committed to ensuring that we never use controversial phthalate plasticisers.


Cling Film is a vital part of your kitchen because it is quick and easy to use, transparent & versatile* – making the benefits clear.

The Benefits of PVC Cling Film are Clear

More than half of the chefs, caterers and F&B managers think cling film is the easiest and most efficient way of preserving food in the kitchen* – which in turn helps them to reduce food waste

The Uk’s hospitality and foodservice sectors are wasting one million tonnes of food per year. Cling film provides a positive solution by helping to preserve food and improve shelf life.

*Independent Chef Panel Research, 100 participants Nov 2018 ΛReport by Food Safety Company STS2018
**Facts from one of our key suppliers

Wrapmaster Global.

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Benefits of Wrapmaster

Benefits of Cling Film

How to use wrapmaster

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