Toilet paper is available in many different formats. From Standard Jumbo through to Bulk Pack Sheets and more commonly domestic size toilet rolls. Standard Jumbo Toilet Rolls have 400Mtrs of paper per roll and there are 6 rolls of toilet paper per pack. Mini Jumbo Toilet Tissue Rolls have 150Mtrs of Paper per roll and there are 12 rolls of toilet rolls per pack. Bulk Pack Toilet Tissues are individual sheets for areas with very high usage (9000 sheets per case, sleeves of 100).
The most common format for Toilet Rolls is a standard Domestic size, however these have many variations also.
320 Sheet Toilet Paper (Standard “Staff” Toilet Rolls)

240 Sheet Toilet Rolls (Luxury Toilet Rolls). We have also introduced our range of luxury Cushelle Toilet Rolls with micro air pockets. In 3 case size options. Our huge range consists of Economy and luxury toilet rolls to suit any budget. All our rolls are also perfect for your home or workplace. Luxury 3ply options like Desna Rose are a great luxury toilet roll that are suitable in all industries.

Bulk Buy Pallet Deals on Toilet Rolls

We all like a great deal on our Loorolls and we know from our customers that bulk buy options are always of interst. IF you have space and can take a pallet or even a large quantity of mixed products them please get in touch for your bespoke quote.

See our range of products below.

Should you have any questions or require prices for bulk buying of toilet tissue, then please contact us: Tel: 0151 342 2111 or E-mail:

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