Nicky Elite 3Ply Toilet Rolls White

save on supplies Nicky Elite 3Ply Toilet Rolls White

Nicky Elite 3ply Toilet Rolls are fast becoming the UK’s #1 choice for luxury household toilet rolls. We are proud to promote the above toilet roll product and help you Save on Supplies.

As far as we are concerned this toilet roll is up there with the likes of Andrex, in fact, I personally would go further and suggest that Nicky 3Ply toilet tissue is a better product, this is off course my personal opinion. What is this based on?

The fact that Nicky Elite has an enhanced lotion applied to the paper during the manufacturing process we think makes this product much nicer to use.

It also gives each and every roll a fresh scent when opened and placed in position, which adds a nice touch to any bathroom or toilet.

As with all of our products, we insist that the staff use them in order to be better able to promote the products to our customer base. Once you believe in a product it’s easier to recommend.

Every customer that we have converted over to Nicky Elite 3ply Toilet Rolls 40 Pack White has never came back to us with anytihng other than happy approval.

We also feel that our price for this product is one of the cheapest on the web. We are also able to offer bigger discounts to hotels and other large order companies. So don’t delay, come on over and check out the price of this excellent toilet tissue.