Keeping food fresh through catering packaging


Storage techniques for keeping food fresh

Some of us tend to buy bulk and since we haven’t got time to nip out for lunch to meet busy work schedules we prefer to stock up the fridge with our favourite sandwich ingredients for our lunch time or snack instead of biscuits and chocolate which we know aren’t good for your dental health. Some of us might think cling film and aluminium foil packaging are just for wrapping sandwiches but what if we could show you how this simple catering supplies can be used to keep various foods in your fridge fresh for longer.

Food in general stays fresh in low temps and a fridge ideally does this as it can keep them between 0°C and 5°Cand keeping them at this temps means you also maintain most of their nutrients. However, since the office kitchen is frequented a lot as people make cups of tea every hour, everything is set to go mouldy in a day or two and by doing so, you’ve either got to wave goodbye to the savings you did by shopping in bulk, or eat more food than you normally would just so you can avoid the pain of watching it wilt.

As we go back to the office, we ought to be cautious about how we store our food in the communal fridge following this coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, we have highlighted some of the best ways to store your food for optimal freshness while still ensuring food safety is adhered.

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Keeping lettuce leaves fresh and at their best for long is one of those things where everyone has their tried-and-trusted method. This tip was suggested to us by staff from who suggested that lettuce survives better in a cool fridge with less moisture. In other words, moisture is bad news for lettuce and their tips was to use a kitchen roll to pick up any excess moisture in the fridge which is mostly caused by frequent opening and closing of the fridge doors.  This kitchen towel should be replaced everyday for this hack to be effective and prolong your lettuce life and freshness.



Proper grocers wrap cheese in porous papers. There is a reason for this and our research indicates it so that you allow your cheese to breath. Our old assumption was to tightly seal the cheese to avoid it from stinking the whole office, however, we have found that using parchment paper. This hack was highlighted to us by the team whose staff includes a few french natives that love their cheese to bits and advised us on the best way to keep them fresh using everyday catering products like baking paper, rather than cling film, to allow it to breathe.



We have seen it all in the office when people want to be healthy and to avoid snacking on biscuits and chocolate and bringing in raw vegetables sticks like carrots and celery to crunch on. We know celery can last more than 1 week in its original plastic wrapper however to keep it fresh for longer,  swapping the plastic for aluminium foil allows celery to breathe thus maintaining its crispy texture for you to use it with the healthy hummus a bit longer. Carol, a home economics teacher and blogger at carolkaysite suggested this as a great way of preserving celery which she also added needs to be tightly wrapped and not wash until ready to use to ensure they are as crispy as they were when they left the farm.

Catering Foil 75m


Lately, we have been chatting with a blogger in the pet niche as they were researching on how to keep pet food fresh. One of the things that he mentioned was that the packaging played a very big role in maintaining the freshness of produce used in dog food and cat food in general which can also be linked to human food. Rangersdog showed us a simple trick of using paper towels. Simple instructions, pop open your salad bag and slide in a piece of one sheet does plenty kitchen roll and seal it. This will absorb the condensation moisture that veg generates as they chill that would have caused your salad to rot.


Having been supplying the catering industry for a long time, we have learnt a few things about keeping food fresh using food packaging. Obviously today we have only touched on a few products that can be used to maintain the freshness of human grade food but it doesn’t limit you from using the same ideas to preserve dog food or cat food or any of your pet food if you tend to feed them natural fresh meals. There we go, there are certain storage techniques that can make fresh things last longer.

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