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Our range of disposable plastic aprons is manufactured global leaders in disposable work wear and gloves. The disposable plastic aprons that we stock are made from 20mu Polyethylene and are much thicker and stronger than most plastic aprons available on the internet. The aprons are not in fact made from plastic but Polyethylene, sometime referred to as PE Aprons which is the same type of material found in carrier bags and refuse sacks and is excellent and preventing cross contamination.
The polythene aprons are available in 5 colours for use in HCCAP environments and to aid a system of colour controlled hygiene. Our aprons are 69 x 107 cm, with the latter being the length of the aprons. Available in either roll format or flat pack. The rolls have 200 aprons and the flat pack have 100. Below are the 2 different types of PE Aprons that we stock, roll or flat pack, you can chose the colour once on the product page.

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