Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner and Why is our Best

Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner

Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner is a massive yes when it comes to your bathroom. When tasked with the dreaded job of cleaning the bathroom, you need to know that your using the best product. As there are so many to choose from, it’s difficult to choose the right one that will clean everything.

Well we think we’ve found the one cleaning product that fits the bill. Plus another product that will clean your toilet with amazing results.

Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner from Evans Vanodine

You will want something that will leave your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. Our Clean Fast has a strong tangerine fragrance that lasts. Clean fast is a heavy duty bathroom cleaner. Each spray produces a foam that leaves a longer contact time on the surface you are cleaning. Each specially designed trigger head has a foaming action.

Clean Fast is a highly efficient multi surface bactericidal cleaner that quickly removes limescale, body fat & stubborn soil. It can be used on a variety of surfaces including toilet bowls, sinks, ceramic tiles, stainless steel, porcelain and altro flooring.

Perfect for Cleaning Showers and Shower Heads

Sometimes it can be a little tricky to clean shower heads with normal spray cleaners. With our foaming cleaner, the dispensed chemical clings to your shower head longer. Helping to effectively clean better. If your shower head has seen better days, we would recommend soaking it in a clean fast bath. Simply add the shower head to a bucket and leave to soak.

A Range of Bathroom Cleaners

We know everyone has their own favourites. That’s why we offer other options in our Evans Vanodine range. Evans Final touch is a neutral Bactericidal Bathroom cleaner that has a unique, fresh and long lasting fragrance. It also kills a range of bacteria, including Legionella, MRSA & E-coli. An ideal product for Care and Residential homes to keep the bugs at bay.

Evans Clean Fast Reviews

We have so many positive comments form our users and repeat sales. Check out some of the Amazon reviews online. It’s not just us who think Evans clean Fast is the best!

Bathroom Toilet Cleaners

So the other product we would recommend for use in your Bathroom would be out Evans Toilet Cleaner & Descaler. This has to be our best selling cleaning product by far. It is also used in the NHS healthcare sector. And at £1.20 per bottle your sure to save on supplies too!!

So to conclude, we will endorse any product our customer scream about. When it comes to Evans Vanodine products, we are confident that all the products will do exactly what they are supposed to do, CLEAN!

All Evans Trigger Sprays & 5ltr bottles are also recyclable including the spray heads. You won’t find any metal in our plastic parts!

**We don’t recommend Clean Fast to be used on enamel baths, marbel or limestone.



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