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Centrefeed dispensers are the perfect solution for maintaining good hygiene in your kitchen and workplace. Keeping a Blue Roll in the kitchen in a locked dispenser keeps mucky, contaminated hands away from spreading germs. Each user of Blue roll willl only need to touch the tissue in use. This enable the next user to tear off a clean, unused sheet or sheets.

Wall mounted Centrefeed dispensers are also good for use as a hand towel dispenser. Not ideal in our opinion but do work fine. You can use too much centrefeed roll if used as a hand towel. If you want to keep costs down then use hand towels for drying your hands and centrefeed roll for wiping up spillages and general cleaning.

Hand Towels v Centrefeed, you can read the pros and cons in several articles at There’s also a good read about hand towels v hand driers. We have yet to meet a customer who prefers driers over paper towels!

Centrefeed Rolls to Fit our Dispensers

We have a huge range available to suit all customer types. Flat sheet, Micro Embossed, 1ply, 2ply. Whit or Blue Roll depending on what you use it for?

Blue roll is ideal in the UK Catering industry. White roll is ideal for the Contract Cleaning industry. See the range here.

Plastic or Stainless Steel Centrefeed Dispensers

The choice is yours, if you want to keep costs down then plastic is the way to go. Stainless steel offers a more sturdy dispenser.

Contact us if you have any question in relation to any of our Centrefeed Dispensers. 0151 342 2111 or email

£21.19 Incl. VAT: £25.43

Centrefeed Dispensers

Brightwell Plastic Dispenser Key

£1.25 Incl. VAT: £1.50
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