Our Catering and Disposable Supplies offers a complete range of products. Catering disposables included in our range are Paper Straws in Black, White or Black and White. We have 8 inch or 5″ sip straws.

Cling Film Foil

Our most popular essentials include professional Cling Film, Catering Foil and Parchment Baking Paper and a range of Wrapmaster foils and clings. Ask about our Free Dispensers for Wrapmaster.

Day Dots and Label Carriers

Every working kitchen in the UK catering industry has to keep their food labelling system up to date. Our Monday to Sunday Day Dots and Day Dot Label Carriers are perfect for this. Simple write down dates and times on each label and stick them accordingly on your food produce.

Restaurant Pads

Due to huge demand we carry stocks of PAD12, PAD35 and PAD200. These pads are perfect for Cafe’s, Tea Rooms and restaurants. In single page or duplicatge options to choose from.

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